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Jon Stanley


  • Email: jstanley AT <this domain>
  • Personal: blog
  • IRC: jds2001 on freenode (#fedora-qa, #fedora-devel, #fedora, #rhel, #rhn, #rhn-satellite, #systemtap, #nylug, #nylinux, #centos, #centos-social)
  • GPG key ID: 1F85118D
  • Fedora Account: jstanley Fedora Account System
  • Location: New York, NY, USA

Activities within Fedora

  • Advocacy, marketing, distribution, bug triage, infrastructure, packaging, etc
  • Most closely aligned with Infrastructure at this point
  • Member of the Fedora Board
  • Various QA activities.
  • I used to lead the BugZappers, the bug triage function within Fedora.
  • Former member of FESCo

I've got a page on ideas for triaging new bugs at JonStanley/BugTriageIdeas

Specific Projects

FUDCon funding proposal

  • Funding amount required: $150 (hotel room only - $20-$30 bus to Boston and FUDBus from there for transport)
  • Specific deliverable: FESCo meeting, hopefully autoqa and pkgdb hackfests, any remaining F-Talk items, EPEL6 planning
  • User track items: Any, however, in most aspects I am simply a "user" - i.e. I care more about infrastructure and packaging than the "user experience". However I do use Fedora as a day-to-day desktop, so I'm sure some of that experience would translate into "how do I do X". However, how I personally do X task may not be the "Fedora Way(TM)" of doing it. For example, to update my system, I use 'yum update' rather than PackageKit as one easy example, since I'm an experienced sysadmin. I approach most tasks from that perspective.

Please Note: I can not accept Free Media Requests that are made by emailing me personally. You must fill out the request form at FreeMedia It opens on the first of every month