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(My packages)
(My packages)
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=== Currently in review ===
=== Currently in review ===
[ open64]
See list [ here].
=== Awaiting review ===
=== Awaiting review ===
[ firehol]
See list [ here].
[ pypar]

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Name & contact info

Mr. Jussi Lehtola

Email: jussi.lehtola AT iki DOT fi

IRC: vdw @IRCnet

About me

I'm a PhD student in theoretical physics at the University of Helsinki.

I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 1. I've also used RedHat, Gentoo, Debian and Ubuntu.

Package review

See full list of packages that I have reviewed here.

Full list of packages waiting for a reviewer here.

My packages

See full list of reviews of my packages (open or closed) here.

Already in Fedora / EPEL

See full list here.

Currently in review

See list here.

Awaiting review

See list here.