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Moniruzzaman Monir

This is Monir. I live in a country which has a great history about their freedom. Yes I am from Bangladesh. I am a student of CSE in Daffodil International University. In 1971 once we fought for our freedom. Now for freedom I am using Fedora. I Wanna see all of my people using open source software.

What i know

My language what I know :-

  • C
  • C++
  • HTML
  • Java.

With this i am communicate with her. But she wants more colourful language. So that i decide to learn Python, PHP, Pearl to decorate him and create a loving relation with him.

Where you find me

  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Email: kalpurushATfedoraprojectDOTorg
  • Fedora Account: kalpurush
  • Freenode IRC Nickname: kalpurush on Freenode, #bangladesh, #fedora-bangladesh

Why Fedora ?

I am usnig fedora since fedora 10. I had fearness about linux. But when i start to use fedora i overcome my fearness. Now a days i wanna see that all of my friends should use fedora so that i inspire my friend , teacher, other people to use fedora. I tell them why you use pirated software ? why not trying to use fedora ?? Itś a free OS and you can use it with your freedom.

My work

  • I am working with fedora bangladesh as a translator.
  • I am a member of Bangladesh Linux User Alliance(BLUA[1]).

Planing With Fedora

  • Fedora Marketing
  • Organize Fedora Events
  • Public Voice for Fedora
  • Build a large Fedora community in Bangladesh