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Moniruzzaman Monir

This is Monir. I live in a country which has a great history about their freedom. Yes I am from Bangladesh. I am a student of CSE in Daffodil International University. In 1971 once we fought for our freedom. Now for freedom I am using Fedora. I Wanna see all of my people using open source software.

What i know

My language what I know :-

  • C
  • C++
  • HTML
  • Java.

With this i am communicate with her(My PC). But she wants more colourful language. So that i decide to learn Python, PHP, Pearl to decorate him and create a loving relation with him.

Where you find me

  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Email: kalpurushATfedoraprojectDOTorg
  • Fedora Account: kalpurush
  • Freenode IRC Nickname: kalpurush on Freenode, #bangladesh, #fedora-bangladesh

What is Fedora ?

"A soft felt hat with a fairly low crown creased lengthwise and a brim that can be turned up or down. this is the exact meaning of fedora but in our world fedora is a linux distro i means its a operating system. its made on the base of linux. fedora is community driven. Fedora is developed and produced under a free and open source license from inception, so other free software communities and projects are free to study, adopt, and modify them.It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project is open and anyone is welcome to join.

Why Fedora ?

I am using fedora since fedora 10. I had fearness about linux. But when i start to use fedora i overcome my fearness. It is so colourful, I can use it with my freedom and my own way. Now a days i wanna see that all of my friends should use fedora so that i inspire my friend , teacher, other people to use fedora. I tell them why you use pirated software ? why not trying to use fedora ?? It's a free OS and you can use it with your freedom.

My work

  • I am working with Fedora Bangladesh as a translator.
  • I am a member of Bangladesh Linux User Alliance (BLUA[1])
  • Working to build a large community in Bangladesh under the nee of Linux.

Planing With Fedora

  • Fedora Marketing
  • Organize Fedora Events
  • Public Voice for Fedora
  • Build a large Fedora community in Bangladesh