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== Create ''YOUR'' Fedora Today! ==
== Create ''YOUR'' Fedora Today! ==
*Fedora "real" USB Install (non-live)
Warning:This is a destructive process.
1. Boot from FC9 Live CD
2. Insert the USB drive/stick, be sure to umount the same drive if FC auto mounts it.
3. Run install to harddisk, be sure to select the USB drive/stick as the install and boot target. (Give serious thought to encrypting this target. It could get lost and depending on what you store on that drive, it could end badly.)
4. After the install process completes, mount the new partitions to temporary folders you create in your Fedora-Live environment.
5. Copy the /boot partition contents to a temporary folder on the root partition.
6. Umount the boot partition. /sbin/fdisk the USB device. Change the boot partition's type to "c" and exit fdisk wirting those changes.
7. /sbin/mkfs.vfat -n <yourcellnumber> -F 32 /dev/USBdevice1
8. Mount the new vfat partition
9. ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/
10. nano /pathtoUSBroot/etc/fstab - Be sure the boot partition has the new UUID specified from step 9.
11. Umount all USB partitions, reboot and see what there is to see.
More tips?
*Before attempting to update the USB install, remove all packages you absolutely do not need/want.
*Consider disabling all services not absolutely needed.
*yum install preload
== Non-Fedora bits... ==
== Non-Fedora bits... ==

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