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Package Review

This is a copy-&-paste template for package reviews.

RPM Lint:
Package name:
Spec file:
Actual License:
%doc License:
Spec file language:
Spec file readable:
Upstream source vs. used tarball:
Compile and Build:
 - F-8:
 - F-9:
 - rawhide:
 - EL-5:

Applicable Package Guidelines:

Shared libs:

Directory and file ownership:
No duplicate files in %files:
File Permissions:
Macro usage:
Code vs. Content:
(Large) Documentation:
%doc affecting runtime:
Header files in -devel package:
Static Libraries in -static package:
pkgconfig Requires:
Library files:
Devel requires base package:
.la libtool archives:
Duplicate ownership of files/directories:
Remove BuildRoot:
UTF-8 filenames: