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 -- About Me --
    I just called Davior  KausDev, atulemente in São Paulo ee Studying Information Systems and Security,
    I am currently creating a hackspace, Macaws In this city, called "Slint" (Free Software Interior) and have monthly events, 
    to discuss new technology.
    and always will be aajudar new users in Fedora and talk about and make great friends ..
    My contribution is to distribute and promote products to Fedora, as well as providing 
    tools and support to users in Brazil.
   -- Project --
    Slint - Araras (softwaare Livre interior ) São Paulo Brazil
    Would-be Ambassadors Fedora Brasil
    developer  team
    translation team
  -- Certifications  --
    Eletronica Telecom  technical
    IT (Information Technology) in Education
    Fundamentals of IT Management
    Information Security