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About Me


Davi Souza (Kausdev) was bor in 1980 in the city of São Paulo and macaws live in the City of Araras , with my wife and children. My first contact with technology was in the 90s when I started working in 1996 intern at a company in electronics and telecom since then working in the area of ​​electronics and telecom and am currently studying Information Systems and Security instuiçao Uniararaas - where Sp and woke me something else and now I'm here to learn and help extend this work ,very important to our society. I've used a few distros of linux Ubuntu, openSUSE,Mandriva, but with whom I'm using and I adapted well was Fedora which today will help to disclose


  1. I'm creating goals within the fedora would not have in any other operating ystem.
  And I'm here to learn what to teach, but always be open to all those interested on Fedora
  1. Slint (software_Livre _interior) In the city of São Paulo-Brazil Aararas (inauguration in September 2013)
  2. Would-be Ambassadors Fedora Brasil
  3. developer team
  4. translation team
 == Certifications ==
  1. Eletronica Telecom Technical
  2. IT (Information Technology) in Education
  3. Fundamentals of IT Management
  4. Information Security