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= Kevin Fenzi =
= Kevin Fenzi =
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Kevin Fenzi

Greetings. I am a full time Linux sysadmin/tinkerer. I work at, LTD I maintain the Xfce packages for Fedora along with a bunch of other packages. I try and review packages and sponsor folks, as well as answering questions in the #fedora-devel channel on

You can get a hold of me via email:

Email: [[MailTo(] Email: [[MailTo(]

Or via IRC on #fedora-devel. My IRC nick is 'nirik'.

The review template I currently use for reviewing Fedora packages: KevinFenzi/ReviewTemplate

Some useful bugzilla searches:

Package review requests waiting for a reviewer: [1]

Package review requests currently being reviewed: [2]

Approved reviews: [3]