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About Me


Activities within Fedora

My Knowledge Areas

M Yakub Mizan

M Yakub Mizan
Ask Mentor!
Consider me out-of-date. For some time, i am not following the mailing list and not very active here. I got so busy with work and some PHP projects where i help out now. Please, contact other Bangladeshi Ambassadors.

I Have Been Working With Linux For Several Years, From Very Early Age.I Started With Redhat Linux And Now Using Fedora For Personal Use And RHEL 5 For Other Solutions.I Have Also Experience With OpenSuse,Debian Systems,Solaris,Open Solaris ,Specially Ubuntu And Many Specialized Distributions Too. I came to fedora for virtualization later i learn it works closely with all upstream project and the contribution process is very open.I love the community.I think i am fixed with this one now. Trying to find ways to contribute.Working is fun here.

Free Media Policy

Please, Keep in mind we only ship Free Media to people who can't download the DVD . If you can download or afford to buy a DVD from nearby store you shouldn't request.
Try Free Media Official Page first. I will only accept a direct request if the form is closed or unavailable. Read more here


  • Email:
  • Phone: +880<removed_for_privacy>
  • IRC: fedorakeen,ubuntukeen
  • GPG key ID: 0xD1474E74 [1]
  • Time Zone:GMT+6
  • Fedora Account: kingheart
  • Location:Chittagong,Bangladesh
  • IF Needed Ask For Home Contact

Activities within Fedora

My Knowledge Areas

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C++
  • PHP,Python Web Framework


For Any Local Fedora Arrangement Contact Nearest Ambassadors. We Are Interested To Talk To You.