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'''Contact Information:'''<br>
'''Contact Information:'''<br><br>
Mailing Address:<br>
Mailing Address:<br>
1625 Crest Road, Apt 2,<br>
1625 Crest Road, Apt 2,<br>

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Kinjal Bhavsar

Contact Information:
Mailing Address:
1625 Crest Road, Apt 2,
Colonial Arms,
Raleigh NC - 27606

Current Activities:
Pursuing Master of Science in Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. [1]
Open Source University Meetup Leader for NCSU. [2]

Real Time systems, Embedded Systems Design, Computer Architecture, Multi-threaded Programming

Past projects:
Linux Porting, device drivers, and boot loader customization for embedded system based on Qualcomm MSM chipsets
Audio device driver for TI DaVinci SoC
Cache Simulator with victim cache
Branch Prediction schemes
Tomasulo's Out of Order instruction execution engine simulator

Playing PC games, Outdoor Adventure sports, traveling

Kinjalb 03:02, 4 March 2009 (UTC)