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Kinjal Bhavsar

Contact Information:
Mailing Address:
1625 Crest Road, Apt 2,
Colonial Arms,
Raleigh NC - 27606

Current Activities:

  • Pursuing Master of Science in Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. [1]
  • Open Source University Meetup Leader for NCSU. [2]


  • Real Time systems
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Computer Architecture
  • Multi-threaded Programming

Past projects:

  • Linux Porting, device drivers, and boot loader customization for embedded system based on Qualcomm MSM chipsets
  • Audio device driver for TI DaVinci SoC
  • Content Transcode Router application
  • MPEG2 AAC porting on MATLab
  • Cache Simulator with victim cache
  • Branch Prediction schemes
  • Tomasulo's Out of Order instruction execution engine simulator

Playing PC games, Outdoor Adventure sports, traveling