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IRC Nick : KishanGoyal

Channels Found In : #fedora-india, #dgplug, #ilug-cal

Email :

Call me at : + 91 9007385496

Blog :

GPG Key : Import my GPG here :-

$gpg --keyserver --recv-key 16474EA7

Who am I...

Hi everyone. I m Kishan Goyal, a student of B.Tech. in Computer Science discipline in Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur. I am a resident of Howrah, West Bengal and I joined BCREC in 2007 after completing my ISC from Don Bosco School, Liluah , Howrah the same year.

More About Me...

I am an avid lover of music and listen to anything and everything that pleases my ears...!!! Also, I love to play games... a lot of games. I just love the FIFA and NFS series and spend most of my leisure time managing Manchester United or behind the steering. Few novels also manage to get a share of my time.

DGPLUG - The best thing to have happened to me till date...

So, here I am doing all this wonderful stuff that, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would do, someday in my life. Joining the Summer Training has thrown open a whole new world for me. It has been quite journey since I first heard the word "Fedora". I had hardly spent two months in the college when on fine day Kushal, Subhodip, Ria and Ajitesh entered our class. They were looking for volunteers who would like to learn and share something about Linux...

They called for a demonstration after the class that day which I attended along with some of my friends. It was here that I first saw an OS other than the Windows platforms... and I quite liked it . Firstly I was very much impressed with its looks; they were awesome, I had never seen something like that before. I was wondering whether it was all looks and no substance ... but then I came to know about its functions, and yes, at that very moment I was determined to be a part of this thing. Kushal then talked about the website, how Ria earned a name for herself through the Google Summer of Code and various other things.

Kushal visited our college premises again during the spring and this time, I was ready to begin my learning. Having collected all the required materials and jotted down the instructions I began my journey with Fedora which has been full of ups and downs till now. It has been a bumpy road but I am not willing to give up yet.

A Fedora Ambassador

Being a user of Fedora, I joined the Ambassadors Team to spread this wonderful thing across to whoever I can. I would really be happy if I could do something for it.

Working With the Docs Team

Having come over the initial phase when one generally knows his system, I, having spent two months with Fedora, was ready to take the plunge...

But, few questions stood before me...From where do I begin?... What do I do?...Where do I go?... After a lot of travelling and fooling around, I landed in #fedora-docs, the channel of the Documentation team of Fedora. And it was here that my mind saw light. The road ahead seemed to have been laid down in front of me.

For a newbie, I received so munch encouragement and support from quaid , ke4qqq and others that it was just a matter of days before I began contributing. Hope the support continues ...