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I'm a Unix and Linux enthusiast and, lately, professional. I use mostly Slackware, Red Hat / Fedora. I programme a little; BASH, Python, and C++ are my weapons of choice. I write a lot, with books and articles online and IRL. I was trained as a filmmaker, so I am heavily involved in filmmaking activities on many different scales (I have done independent work mostly but lately have been hired to work on some bigger projects). Sometimes I also do podcasts.


  • Gnu World Order is my personal Linux oggcast, and as far as I know the first podcast to release shows in ogg vorbis and speex formats only (that is, no proprietary codecs are offered). The show discusses any geeky topic I want to cover; Sometimes this includes Fedora and RHEL.
  • Hacker Public Radio is a daily podcast for which I am a correspondent. I cover lots of different things on this show, including interviews with KDE devs, Fedora people, and even an episode on how to create an RPM using rpmbuild.
  • Kernel Panic Oggcast is a brash and bold round table for which I am one of the regular panelists.
  • Fedora Reloaded was a show that me and a friend, Skirlet, had inherited and ran for a while, but sadly our schedules have just become to disparate to manage. The show died a quiet, untimely death. Secretly, I'd love to continue it, but realistically I know I wouldn't have the time.
  • Linux Cranks was the father and mother of Kernel Panic Oggcast.
  • Today in Tech Radio was an off-shoot of Linux Cranks, meant to be slightly more professional. It no longer exists either.


  • Email: klaatu at the domain of the second podcast listed above
  • IRC: notKlaatu in freenode IRC
  • Fedora Account: klaatu
  • Jabber: notKlaatu on jabber-dot-org

Activities within Fedora

  • I guess I promote Fedora as often as I feel necessary.
  • I interview Fedora people whenever I get a chance to, primarily at Linux conventions.
  • As a freelance author, I wrote 6 of 8 articles for the Linux Identity Fedora 11 issue, available in your local bookstore, a Fedora FAQ that they seem to re-use whenever they feel like they need one, and a lot of other articles later on, including quite a few for Fedora 14 and 15.

Linuxy Activities, Tutorials, How-to's

  • Slackermedia contains evolving tutorials on multimedia work on Linux. I use Slackware as my jumping-off point for multimedia, but much of what I write about on Slackermedia applies to Fedora, especially since I borrow from Fedora repositories for packages sometimes, and Planet CCRMA multimedia packages.
  • Linux Journal, Linux Pro, Linux Format, Linux Identity, and Linux+ have published articles written by me.
  • I wrote an article for the very cool Libre Graphics magazine. Check that out.
  • I wrote and maintain a frightfully basic application (actually just a shell script) called trashy, that lets the user move things to a commandline trashcan and empty it when they are sure they want to delete the files. It is meant as a sane intermediary for the very dangerous (yet strangely, for all of its potential damage, ubiquitous) rm command.
  • I wrote and maintain a very simple workflow method for docbook that allows a creative writer to just write, and then impose mark-up and export to the desired format. I call it circulate and it's not really an application as much as it is a suggestion on how to manage your text.
  • I maintain Vance L. Simpson's screenwriter-mode, an emacs extension for writing industry-standard screenplays in GNU Emacs. Well, really I maintain a fork of it, since I can't seem to find Vance anywhere online. My fork contains a few minor patches; one improves usability and the other adds functionality. An RPM for this is forthcoming.