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I'm a Fedora user and KDE fan, and obviously a Linux enthusiast. I don't program or know how to do any cool tricks in Linux. During the day, I freelance as an author, graphic artist, video editor, university adjunct instructor. Other times, I podcast.


  • Fedora Reloaded is a humble community podcast I inherited from its founders, and I now co-host with my pal Skirlet. We release as often as our scattered schedules allow.
  • The Bad Apples Linux Oggcast is my personal Linux oggcast, and as far as I know the first podcast to release shows in ogg format only. The show covers any geeky topic I want to cover; often this includes Fedora.
  • Hacker Public Radio is a daily podcast for which I am a correspondent and "evil minion".
  • Linux Cranks is a brash and bold round table for which I am one of the regular panelists.


  • Email: klaatu at the domain of the last two podcasts from above list
  • IRC: notKlaatu AT freenode and binrev IRC
  • Fedora Account: klaatu
  • Jabber: notKlaatu on jabber-dot-org

Activities within Fedora

  • Aside from Fedora Reloaded oggcast, I so far try to help out with the art team when I can, and promote it as much as possible.
  • As a freelance author, I wrote 6 of 8 articles for the Linux Identity Fedora 11 issue, available in your local bookstore.

Linuxy Activities, Tutorials, How-to's

  • My notblog often sees tutorials and how-to's.
  • Slackermedia contains evolving tutorials on multimedia work on Linux.
  • Slackermedia HOWTOs contains distro-agnostic tutorials on editing video with Blender, setting up Kmail, Dynamic IP, and Audio and Midi with Qtractor.
  • Linux Journal, Linux Pro, Linux Format, Linux Identity, and Linux+ have published articles written by me.