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Currently lots of people participate in the Fedora Project. Some of them devote an incredible amount of their personal time to it. But although they are known amongst people related to their area of interest, some of them might feel lack of urge to push forward and improve over time. We would like to motivate them continuously, increase their satisfaction from their work and reward them. We believe that one of the pieces of this puzzle could be a Hall of Fame, that is further described by this proposal.

Hall of Fame proposal

Hall of Fame should be a collection of ladders that display top Fedora contributors in certain areas over a certain period of time and give them credit. The suggested areas of tracked participation may include:

These statistics should be probably displayed in the form of ladders and graphs on a separate web page, that would encompass the whole Hall of Fame. This page could be part of Fedora Community website and the UI could be similar to reports present there.

A nice feature would be support for certain time snapshots that could be linked from other sources. We foresee that the "top contributors list" and a link to Hall of Fame would be included in the Fedora Weekly News or other magazines and that could be a big motivator and a reward for some people to be listed there.

Implementation details

  • Time scope: start of June 2010 - end of August 2010

Implementation status

TODO list

  1. ALL: Think out the proposal thoroughly, raise questions and concerns, post them here (use Discussion page)
  2. ALL: Sort out with your managers how much time you can spend on this task
  3. kparal: Consult this idea with a few core members of Fedora project, e.g. jlaska
  4. unassigned: Consult this idea with Fedora Community authors