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This document outlines the steps to get Gitorious into Fedora and EPEL.

High Level Steps and Issues

  1. Get all Gitorious' dependencies into Fedora.
  2. Get Gitorious into Fedora.
    • Bundled libraries: Gitorious bundles several things, including Rails. Upstream bug for Rails
    • Bundler issues: If we use different Gem versions than upstream, Bundler wants to write to Gemfile and Gemfile.lock. We must patch Gemfile
    • Init scripts: Create equivalent systemd unit files for Fedora & RHEL 7.
    • Ruby version: Upstream master works with Ruby 1.8; verify Ruby 1.9.x compatability. Same for newer rails.


  1. Get all Gitorious's dependencies into EPEL.
    • Rails. I don't have experience packaging Rails, and there's been questions about which version to put into EPEL.
    • Various Rubygems must be branched for EPEL.
    • mod_passenger. RHBZ#470696
  2. Get Gitorious into EPEL.
    • Ruby 1.8


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