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I am a final year Bachelors of Technology student in Computer Science and Engineering at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. My primary interests include Open Source, Object Oriented Programming, Web Designing, Social and Technical Entrepreneurship.

I have been using Fedora since the day I started using a computer (three years, started using it after joining IIIT). I tried using other Open Source operating systems, but I was too much used to using Fedora that I could not find them interesting or even useful in some cases.

I share my Linux/Open Source experiences on my blog, where I generally post howtos, reviews and other open source related stuff. I have keep exploring new open source projects every now and then. Recent is Drupal which I really loved a lot and soon will be moving my blogs and websites to Drupal.

I love scripting languages and Python is my all time favorite. I have developed an efficient caching system for RPM and Debian packages called IntelligentMirror. Its is a squid plugin written in python. I developed it as a Google Summer of Code project funded by Google Inc. and mentored by Seth Vidal, a Red Hat employee and Fedora Project developer. I have also developed a caching system for several video websites like,, and called youtube_cache. Youtube cache is also written in python and is a squid plugin.

Thank you!

Thank you!