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== Contact ==
|REAL-NAME= Kushal Khandelwal
Name :         Kushal Khandelwal<Br/>
|HOME= AH7 256 BITS Pilani Goa Campus  , Zuarinagar Goa India
FAS Username : kushal124<Br/>
|FAS-NAME= kushal124
Email :<Br/>
IRC Nick :    kushalkhandelwal
||irc-nick= kushalkhandelwal
== About Me ==
== About Me ==

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Name : Kushal Khandelwal
FAS Username : kushal124
Email :
IRC Nick : kushalkhandelwal

About Me

Hey I am Kushal Khandelwal from India. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in BE(Hons.) Electronics and Instrumentation and Msc(Hons.) Chemistry dual degree from BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus. I am enthuiastic web developer. I like to write small code snippets in my free time and reading articles on hackernews . Currently I am working in the fields of Data Mining and vizualization , Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Also I am well versed in Digital Image Processing using Matlab. I recently taught a semsester long course on Advanced Image processing to a group of 40 undergraduate students .


LDAP management and deployment.
Linux Administration
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Image Processing
Web Development( HTML CSS PHP Jquery Javascript)

Activities within Fedora

I would like to set up Gitlab for Fedorahosted Git repositories.