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= Leo Albert Jackson Jr =
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I have been a Developer for a long time I want people to use software and Operating Systems that they can truely believe in. Contribute work on to make the best it can be. Add features you want programs games and any others that you can view alter make yours and if it makes it better give it to the world.
== Contact ==
* '''Email''':
* '''IRC''': lajjr
* '''GPG key''':  BE41FCF1 / --[[User:Lajjr|lajjr]] 00:22, 17 November 2008 (UTC)
* '''Fedora Account''': lajjr [[Infrastructure/AccountSystem|Fedora Account System]]
== My Web Connections and Links ==
'''This will have connection to Education and Portfolio and other items in the future as soon as I get them together.'''
= Activities within Fedora =
I want to contribute to as many parts of fedora as I can.
*'''Ambassador''' to bring fedora to my company and employees and the world..
*'''Artwork''' I love to draw and completed a degree in art and animation.
*'''Documentation''' I have been using open source for a long time and find some Docs not complete and wnat to fix them..
*'''Package Maintainer'''  Package for GPL software as well
*'''Bugzzilla and Bugzapper''' I want to help fix and repair problems and bugs.
= Experience with software and coding =
*'''Coding''' been creating code for over 12 years
*'''C++, C, Fortran, Cobol, MSVS package C#, J#, C++, VB, Pascal.
*'''Create patches for software and upgrades.
*'''Create software from the ground up. "Find a need fill a need"(Robots movie)
*'''Trouble shoot for code and systems IT depts as well.
*'''Owner of a Software company and creator Middleware for fortune 500 Companies.
= Art and Graphics =
*'''Art''' Been drawing since I could pick up a pencil complete a Masters art qualifying status in Color pencil and markers.
*'''I finished a degree in Graphics Art and Illustration in 1998.
*'''Create images for private and companies.
*'''I am a member and owner of Illustrators Cooperative ILS a non profit organization I founded.

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