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Notes from FUDCON F11 in Boston January 2009 - both hackfest and barcamp session.


  • wikipedia style manual for more organization tips


  • Question: why cms instead of wiki?
    • really it is not instead of - it is in addition to...
    • wiki - quick collaboration, easily updated, frequently changing, end-users
    • cms - more static content that must be in xml (docs) and transated and more restricted content like packaging and legal and logos. and lifecycle tracking - to end of life version specific content.

wiki Pagenaming/style tip

  • page can only be in one namespace but can have multi categories.
  • level1 headers are deprecated and bad bad bad - (page name can have spaces so name your page the level1 headers)
  • first thing should not be section header so you get an intro para THEN the table of contents in intro mention that title (in bold). From mediawiki style guide.
  • put category at the bottom of page
  • can we find pages with a l1 header - and rename page using l1 header and remove l1 header
  • look at as how category page can have it's own content. uses templates to then list all pages within that category.