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This is a draft
This is a draft of potential features for FAS v3.0. It is meant to spawn discussion and will most likely evolve in the future.


  • FAS 2 as reference


  • Move web framwork from TurboGears 1 to Pyramid
  • A real endpoint API
  • Better membership management/workflows
  • Improved database model
  • Make it more Fedora agnostic
  • Bring new features
  • A better administration mangement.
  • A dynamic configuration management


Groups and people visibility

No need to log in anymore to review groups and people's profile.


Provide a dedicated ENDPOINT to retrive accounts' data.
Access to this API requires a generated token that people can get from their
profile's page.

Profile Avatar

People will be able to add an avatar to their profile (from a 3rd party service)
This avatar will be available to 3rd-party which can use it in their views or more.

Profile Bio

Allow people to write up a bio (view-able from their profile's page).

Group 3rd-party binding

As we (Fedora project) has a specific way of using group (i.e providing VCS access and the like)
group will provide a way to bind its ACLs to 3rd party in order to retrieve people or to give people
some rights to this 3rd party if its members exist from this 3rd party.
Current target for now is:
  • GitHub organization
Admin or group's admin could bind a group to a github organization's team.
Which, create github's team if not exist and add its members to it if its members exist on github.
If group is VCS related, create a github's repo if not exist already and give its members commit access.

Group ownership

Group's owner has been renamed to "principal Administrator" as group's admin can now
pass along their group's ownership to another admin of the same group.
Account's administrator can do the same.

Settings panel

Account's admin will have a dashboard where they could manage account related elements
  • people management
    • Remove an account
    • Block, disable or archive account
  • groups management
    • Add, edit and remove groups
    • Block or archive groups
  • groups' types management
  • license agreement management
    • Add, edit and remove Licenses
    • Enable license at sign-up which flag the license signing as mandatory
  • private API access management
    • Generate private token for trusted applications

Account activities

A new page where people can review their account's activities with datetime, events and locations.

Connected applications

  • Github
Allow people to connect their github account and share their public infos with Fedora services.
  • Twitter
Allow people to connect their twitter account and share their public infos with Fedora service.

2 factors authentication

  • Gauth token
Optional 2nd auth wihch once activated, will ask people after entered a valid login+password
their Gauth token to let them in.
  • Yubikey
This one will not be added as a 2nd auth but as a combo with the login and password (i.e login+password+otp)
(as discussed last flock).

LDAP backend

Change SQL backend to LDAP's for groups and people management.



  • Demo instance:
URL: (poke me on IRC #fedora-apps if page is blanc)
login: jbezorg
pass: jbezorg
  • Pyramid move Green check.png

Release 3.0

Features (Not up-to-date)

  • Public (user with token)
People infos Green check.png
Groups infos Green check.png
  • Private (trusted 3rd party with token and secret)
Login request Green check.png
Account permission request that user grant.
  • registration by step Green check.png
  • License agreement at registration Green check.png
  • Send an email with a generated token to validation email/registration Green check.png
  • Groups Green check.png
  • People Green check.png
Group Management
  • group hierarchy Green check.png
  • Membership request (with visual feedback on status) Green check.png
  • Pending requests (also from user's drop-down menu) Green check.png
  • List members view with action per members Green check.png
  • Group's owner edit-able Green check.png
  • Join group when there's no requirements Green check.png
  • Github sync/binding Green check.png
People profile's page
  • Avatar Green check.png
  • Status update Green check.png
  • Bio Green check.png
  • Password update Green check.png
  • Access token Green check.png
  • Account activities Green check.png
  • Membership listing with contextual action from a drop-down menu Green check.png
Login failure
  • Lock account on pre-configured x login failure Green check.png
  • Lock account for a pre-configured time Green check.png
  • Reset password Green check.png
Admin dashboard
  • Create/edit/delete groups Green check.png
  • Create/edit/delete group type Green check.png
  • Create/edit/delete license agreement Green check.png
  • Create/edit/delete Certificate Green check.png
  • Edit/delete account Green check.png
  • Email
Group membership (request, removal, join, owner update, group update) Green check.png
People profile (update, password change, activities)
New license agreement
New group type
New group
New Certificate
  • Fedmsg

Desktop rendering

  • v0.1
  • v0.5

Mobile rendering

  • v0.5

Release 3.1