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== Leam Hall ==
General ne'er do well.
=== Contact ===
IRC -- '''leitz'''
<p>Slashdot -- '''leitz'''</p>
<p>e-mail -- '''leam''' at ''''''</p>
=== Computer and Electronics Background, Skills, etc ===
RHCE # ???
Sun Certified Solaris 7 System Administrator. Goofy test, questions that weren't supposed to on it were...
Have been working with volts and logic gates since the electronics kit I got as a kid. That was in the early '70s, btw. Military time as a Teletype tech, Disaster Response Operations Section lead. Previous clients/employers include Verizon, the Wall Street Journal, Bank of America, Wachovia, and a few smaller places that were often just as fun. I do advanced SysAdmin type stuff; from recommending hardware to building it. Prefer to automate the OS builds and work with Application and Network communities to ensure servers work well for them, too. Once that's done I train the operations folks on how to keep things running and then I move on to the next project.
=== Non Computer Stuff ===
Currently in SW Georgia, USA. Have lived in North Carolina , Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Panama, Britian, and Italy. Visited a few other places along the way. Married twice, divorced once, one child here, one there. USPSA "D" grade with a 1911 I re-built from the frame up.
=== Current Projects ===
Updating RHCE
<p> Building PHP skills</p>
<p> Minimalizing Server install requirements </p>
<p> Learning Cisco </p>
<p> Having a little fun </p>

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