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This is a DRAFT, it is only a draft.

How do you see your self?

- Desktop User
- Heterogenous System Administrator
- Operating Systems Student
- Corporation needing low cost server solution
- RHC[T|E|A] Aspirant
- Developer on Linux/Unix
- Developer for Fedora
- Quality Engineer
- Project Manager wanting more Linux
- INCOSE Systems Engineer (CSEP) developing real world skills

The en/join-fedora page is great but seems disjointed from the wiki/Main_Page. Some folks coming in will want to join Fedora and thus the Join Fedora link could be melded so that a bit more info was on en/join-fedoa and then linked to greater detail on wiki/Main_Page.

Part of this is a desire to resonate with people's dreams of themselves. Not "what skills do you have?" but "how do you see your self, your future self?". Once we open their self-awareness we can tap into internal motivations to meet exteral goals. For example, is it better to tell someone they can be a QA person with no weekly time commitments or give them a list of things to consider like:

- 1 Hour IRC meeting Wednesdays at 11:00 EST, useful to attend.
- Able to build linux box multiple times a week without interrupting personal or business computing needs.
- Some familiarity with RPM, Python, Kickstart useful. You can learn on the job and the more you know the wider your options.
- Documentation and Communications skills are important but can be in your personal learning plan.
- A mentor will facilitate your self-evaluation, provide feedback, and help find contributions within your time and skill constraints. 
- Mentors also help structure your personal learning plan so that contributing to Fedora stays in line with your personal goals.
- Long term goals may include moving to Kernel hacking, RHC[T|E|A], Quality Software Testing Certification (ISTQB Foundation level), INCOSE CSEP experience, or other industry standard certifications.