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This is a DRAFT, it is only a draft.

How do you see your self?

- Desktop User
- Heterogenous System Administrator
- Operating Systems Student
- Corporation needing low cost server solution
- RHC[T|E|A] Aspirant
- Develop applications on Linux/Unix
- Developer for Fedora
- Quality Engineer
- Project Manager wanting more Linux
- INCOSE Systems Engineer (CSEP) developing real world skills

Quality Engineer

Our Quality Engineering teams let you contribute with your current skills and learn more as you work with us. Take our quick self-assessment (need to write this) and think about what skills you want to develop. That will help you find the right entry point and ensure you're getting the right amount of challenge and development. Once you're comitted to a team one of the members will help guide you through the initial learning curve. They will also seek your feedback on how the team's communications are and what sorts of improvments you might suggest.

When you consider the Quality Engineer path, here are some things to be aware that you're committing to:

- Current languages tools are in Python and C. 
- Fedora/Linux technologies like Kickstart, RPM, Yum, and Git are key.
- 1 Hour IRC meeting Wednesdays at 11:00 EST, useful to attend.
- Documentation and Communications skills are important but can be in your personal learning plan.
- Long term goals may include moving to Kernel hacking, RHC[T|E|A], Quality Software Testing Certification (ISTQB Foundation level), INCOSE CSEP experience, or other industry standard certifications.

QE Teams



Tool Development

Feature Tester

Rawhide Tester

Installation Testing

Stream Liason (?)