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                                                                                                                                                                                                = About Me =

== General Info ==
Hi, it is lemon here, I have been using fedora almost 5 years. Sometimes I write scripts to help my work for bioinformatis, if you want to know more about me pleas visit [ Crazy DNA]
Much thanks to fedora who keeps me away from pirate version of windows,  pirated software is a serious problem in China.
The most I have learnt from fedora are '''''free''''' ['''自由''' 而不仅仅.是 ''''''免费''''''..] and ''reshare''.
== Contact ==
'''Gtalk''': lemon027(at)gmail(dot)com
'''MSN''':  lemon-027(at)hotmail(dot)com
'''Skype''': lemon027
== Personal ==
'''Facebook''' [ Meng Ni]
'''Twitter'''  [!/lemon027 lemon]
'''LinkedIn''' [ Meng Ni]
== Goals ==
Learn more about linux, C, python and past IELTS test in March.

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