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= About Me =

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= About Me =

General Info

Hi, it is lemon here, I have been using fedora almost 5 years. Sometimes I write scripts to help my work for bioinformatis, if you want to know more about me pleas visit Crazy DNA

Much thanks to fedora who keeps me away from pirate version of windows, pirated software is a serious problem in China.

The most I have learnt from fedora are free [自由 而不仅仅.是 '免费'..] and reshare.


Gtalk: lemon027(at)gmail(dot)com

MSN: lemon-027(at)hotmail(dot)com

Skype: lemon027


Facebook Meng Ni

Twitter lemon

LinkedIn Meng Ni


Learn more about linux, C, python and past IELTS test in March.