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Levente Kurusa
Levente Kurusa
Personal Information
Birthday: 1996
Home: London, UK (born in Hungary)
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: Levex
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail:
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IRC: Levex on in
#fedora #fedora-hu #fedora-kernel #fedora-devel
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My name is Levente Kurusa, 21 years old, from Hungary. At the moment, I study at Imperial College London for my undergraduate degree. I previously worked at Apple on their Core OS team and at Red Hat as an intern on their Virtualization team. I have been a Linux user for around 15 years now (pretty much all my life!), and this is what I prefer over anything else. Linux gives me the freedom to make the most powerful applications with the most powerful tools ever created. My software engineering career began with a very unfortunate event, I broke my leg. After having played with all my toys and getting bored, I sat down to my father's laptop. It had Windows 98 on it and no games, so I began creating a text adventure one. I searched and read some books and then I finished it. The source code was unfortunately lost. Ever since I am obsessed with computer programming. Lately, I have began to develop the Linux kernel itself and this is where I have found my true self. It is amazing. I love it.

Unfortunately, lack of time prohibits me from updating this page very often, find me on Freenode IRC as Levex if you are interested in a chat!

Activities within Fedora

  • L10n translator, Hungarian team
    • Not so active unfortunately :(
  • Hungarian Ambassador
    • Organized the SFD Szeged 2014 event!
    • Booth support at a LOT of conferences in Europe
    • Showing the power of Fedora via technical talks
  • FedInv - the Fedora Inventory Manager

Activities outside Fedora

Kernel Engineer


I've been working on different operating system kernels for four years now. First I began with the development of my own UNIX-like kernel, LevOS. I have ported a C library from Red Hat to it, and it runs binutils + gcc, so that's progress.

After realising that such a project really has no benefit to the community I began contributing to the Linux Kernel. This went pretty fine and I got hired to a startup to lead their Linux kernel team.

Current projects

  • Print a QR code on kernel Oops.
  • device_generic_release() function to save kernel size.
  • a complete rewrite of the ata_piix driver for the ICH* SATA controllers.
  • add put_device() calls after a failed device_register() as per GregKH's comments.
  • provide better timing code for Marvell's SATA controllers.
  • Spot the bug with why NCQ doesn't work on Marvell's chips.

KDE developer

Contributing to Marble, and KDevelop.


  • Got invited to intern at Google.
    • Unable to attend until not enrolled in a university. :-(
  • Completed my first internship at a local company.
    • Created an Android app which used the SOAP API to control the software.
  • Ported newlib (Red Hat's embedded C library) to my hobby UNIX-like kernel.
  • Interning at Red Hat on the Virtualization team.
  • Community Teaching Assistant of the Heterogeneous Parallel Programming course by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Coursera
  • Mentioned in an article on Phoronix! (Here)
  • Invited to speak at a conference! (BalaBit Open Academy on May 28, 2015)

Events so far

Future events

  • LinuxCon North America in Seattle, WA - August 2015 - as a hopeful attendee
  • Flock 2015 in Rochester, NY - August 12-15, 2015 - as a speaker: When is the year of the Linux Desktop?
  • OSCON 2015 in Amsterdam, NL - October 26-28, 2015 - as a hopeful speaker or attendee
  • More events in 2015 are coming soon.