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My name is Luigi Votta. I live in Italy considering me a cosmopolitan.

I have a primary degree in electronics. I use Fedora O.S. from 2001, to write docs, navigate the web and hear musics. I have a good background in IT, as studied at University, some years ago, and as acquired in professional work.

I'm back in Fedora Italian-Translation Group to help and give some time to translations, maintan to update the Fedora resources, and to test SW. If may help, write articles for public.

Greetings to all you.

Done until 2012

  • Help maintaining the it Fedora Wiki, mainly and minor editing in the en pages.
  • Translated some wiki pages and some Guides published by the Fedora Project.
  • Contributed with a chapter (Network Manager), to the Fedora 13 User Guide
  • Help the Fedora Doc Team

To do

  • Help maintain the italian wiki
  • Help translate and maintain the Web pages
  • Help translate the Release Notes
  • Help write articles in collaboration with doc group
  • Contribute to test SW