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Create patch

  1. process to create patch
  2. git tutorial introduction

Apply patch

  1. Install the package
    yum install patch.x86_64
  2. Save the patch to some_directory
  3. $ pwd
  4. Apply patch
    $ patch -p1 < some_direcotory/patch_name.patch or patch --dry-run --verbose -p1 < some_direcotory/patch_name.patch

Run auto install tests

install the libs of auto install

  1. # pwd
  2. # make install
  3. you may see lots of errors,that's because some packages are missing,use yum to install them according to the output

run the tests

  1. DVD install example:
    DVD install example
  2. CD install example:
    CD install example

Known issues

  1. The XVfb display does not work,because we got some conflicts
  2. If the host is F13, need to log in as root and Enable "assistive technologies",System->Preferences->Assistive Technologies, check "Enable assistive technologies", then run the test as root
  3. The and do not support downloading first if the given media is remote http supports this
  4. If the testing can not get logs, you may have to modify the autoqa/lib/python/ line:"wget -O /bin/minimon" to where guest can access minimon file
  5. If have too many windows open,the dogtail may can not focus on virt - viewer to pass args