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Create patch

  1. process to create patch
  2. git tutorial introduction

Apply patch

  1. Install the package
    yum install patch.x86_64
  2. Save the patch to some_directory
  3. $ pwd
  4. Apply patch
    $ patch -p1 < some_direcotory/patch_name.patch or patch --dry-run --verbose -p1 < some_direcotory/patch_name.patch

Run auto install tests

install the libs of auto install

  1. # pwd
  2. # make install
  3. you may see lots of errors,that's because some packages are missing,use yum to install them according to the output

run the tests

  1. DVD install example:
# PYTHONPATH=../../lib/python/ python -i /nfs/iso/f14-alpha-rc4/Fedora-14-Alpha-i386-DVD.iso -k /var/www/html/ks.cfg 

** ( WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'WnckWindowState' as flags when in fact it is of type 'GEnum'

** ( WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'WnckWindowActions' as flags when in fact it is of type 'GEnum'

** ( WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'WnckWindowMoveResizeMask' as flags when in fact it is of type 'GEnum'
== environment test ==

== mediakit image sanity test ==
CHECK: mount ISO: OK
CHECK: [general] section in .treeinfo: OK
CHECK: arch = i386 in [general]: OK
CHECK: [images-i386] section: OK
CHECK: kernel: OK
CHECK: initrd: OK
CHECK: mainimage item in [stage2] section: OK
stage2 mainimage: install.img
CHECK: vmlinuz non-empty: OK
CHECK: initrd.img non-empty: OK
CHECK: install.img non-empty: OK
CHECK: [checksum] section: OK
CHECK: install.img sha256: OK
CHECK: vmlinuz sha256: OK
CHECK: initrd.img sha256: OK
sanity check complete.
tree timestamp: Fri Aug 13 07:20:21 2010 (local time)
CHECK: umount ISO: OK
TEST RESULT: mediakit: OK

== creating guest ==
  guest name AUTOQA in use
  new guest name: AUTOQA_1
  open /var/www/html/ks.cfg kickstart file...
  writing kickstart
  ksfile locates in :/tmp/autoqa/log/ks.cfg
  adding kickstart to virt disk
  please don't interrupt when creating virt disk...
starting virt guest

Starting install...
Creating domain...                                                                                            |    0 B     00:00     
Domain installation still in progress. You can reconnect to 
the console to complete the installation process.
opening serial console
  serial console at /dev/pts/1
Starting minimon log monitor on port 54523

== passing boot arguments ==
starting virt-viewer AUTOQA_1
setting focus to frame: AUTOQA_1 - Virt Viewer
Creating logfile at /tmp/autoqa/log/dvd_install_20100817-141527_debug ...
enter boot arguments
TEST RESULT: dogtail_boot_args: OK

== kernel boot test ==
Waiting for kernel to boot
Starting to get and check logs 
Waiting for minimon to fetch syslog to /tmp/autoqa/log/minimon/syslog
kernel version:2.6.35-0.57.rc6.git1.fc14.i686 booted, initrd started OK
TEST RESULT: kernel_boot: OK

== anaconda loading stage2 test ==
polling for stage2 startup message
anaconda version 14.15 on i386 starting

loader stage2 test completed OK
TEST RESULT: load_stage2: OK

== anaconda package installation test ==
Waiting up to 25 minutes for package installation to complete
  anaconda now in step setuptime
  anaconda now in step autopartitionexecute
  anaconda now in step storagedone
  anaconda now in step enablefilesystems
  anaconda now in step bootloadersetup
  anaconda now in step reposetup
  anaconda now in step basepkgsel
  anaconda now in step postselection
  anaconda now in step reipl
  anaconda now in step install
  anaconda now in step preinstallconfig
  anaconda now in step installpackages
  anaconda now in step postinstallconfig
  anaconda now in step writeconfig
Package installation completed OK
TEST RESULT: package_install: OK

== anaconda bootloader setup test ==
Waiting for bootloader setup to complete
  anaconda now in step firstboot
  anaconda now in step instbootloader
  anaconda now in step writeksconfig
Bootloader setup complete
TEST RESULT: bootloader: OK

== completing installation ==
Waiting for step 'dopostaction'
  anaconda now in step setfilecon
  anaconda now in step copylogs
  anaconda now in step methodcomplete
  anaconda now in step postscripts
  anaconda now in step dopostaction
Install completed in 599 seconds
TEST RESULT: install_complete: OK

== testing complete ==
Cleaning up guest.
Domain AUTOQA_1 destroyed

Domain AUTOQA_1 has been undefined

Vol /var/lib/libvirt/images/AUTOQA_1.img deleted

** ( WARNING **: Failed to send buffer

** ( WARNING **: Failed to send buffer

** ( WARNING **: Failed to send buffer

** ( WARNING **: Failed to send buffer
  1. CD install example:
    CD install example

Known issues

  1. The XVfb display does not work,because we got some conflicts
  2. If the host is F13, need to log in as root and Enable "assistive technologies",System->Preferences->Assistive Technologies, check "Enable assistive technologies", then run the test as root
  3. The and do not support downloading first if the given media is remote http supports this
  4. If the testing can not get logs, you may have to modify the autoqa/lib/python/ line:"wget -O /bin/minimon" to where guest can access minimon file
  5. If have too many windows open,the dogtail may can not focus on virt - viewer to pass args