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=Contact Information=
Owner: Fedora QA Team
* IRC: #fedora-qa on
* Mailing list: [ fedora-test-list]
Install test is a very important event.It is a regular test after milestone release of fedora. This kind of centralized test will help to find issues in installation process.Install test is a fundamental test of fedora.If the installation is failed,much less have other user experience
=set a date for install test =
Install test date is always set to some day after milestone release (Beta,Preview,etc...).So it's necessary to prepare it a few weeks before milestone release day.The [ Fedora 12 schedule]page contains all milestone release day of fedora 12. In general,we organize install test as soon as milestone release. Install test  set to the day when:
*The day after milestone release.
*ISO image for download is available
*The time should not conflict with other important events of fedora.
=create test result page=
Test result page is used to gather test result of installation against Fedora 12 Release Candidate builds.This page mainly includes test cases which are required to execute in this test and tables to gather test result. The [ f11 install test result] page contains previous test result page.Testers should choose some test cases which match their environment from this page to test and add result to corresponding table.
create a test result page is not that difficult according to existing template.For fedora 12 ,[ here is the guide] to create a test result page according to [ F12 test result template]
=announce install test day =
Currently,we mainly announce install test in [ fedora mailing list]
The announcement mail should provide enough information for testers.Some essential information related to test is necessary.Having these contents will be better:
*Introduction of this test event.
*What test cases need to execute.
*Download address of DVD/CD/LiveCD images
*How and where to add test result
*Contact information of QA who are available during install test.If encounter issues during test,testers could get help from these QA.
It would be better to announce this event in mailing list at least 3 days in advance.This could give testers sufficient time to arrange time and prepare environment for test.And sending a mail for reminder the day before is necessary.
If possible,try to consider timezone issue,this will be more convenient for testers from different regions
=host install test=
Make sure the QA whose contact information was accounced to mailing list in this test event are available during install test. These QA will provide guide or help to those who encounter issues.
QA should be available at:
* IRC: #fedora-qa on
* Mailing list: [ fedora-test-list]
* Reference of ways to communicate at [[Communicate]]
=rearrange test result and give feedback=
After test,will get a lot of test results. Some of results were not posted with the unified format.If get time,try to correct them to make the results look clear and orderly. If possible,try to analyze gathered results,give feedback and appreciate the effects from testers in mailing list.

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