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Liang Suilong

I am Liang Suilong, coming from Canton (Guangzhou), China. I am studying in Guangzhou University. My major is mechanical engineering, which seems not to relate to computer science.

I got in touch with Fedora in 2004. At that time, Fedora Core 1 released just now. I bought a series of Fedora discs and tried to install it on my computer. But I failed and I gave up. I also did not know how to use virtual machine. Until Fedora 7 released, I started to use Fedora again. It looked better than ever edition. Then I joined in Fedora project.

Now I am a member of Fedora packager group and ambassador group. I am one of moderators of Fedora Chinese User Group. I will try my best to contribute to Fedora project and promote Fedora.


  • Name: Liang Suilong
  • Location: Canton (Guangzhou), China
  • Language: Mandarin Cantonese English


  • Mail: liangsuilong AT gmail DOT com
  • IRC: liangsuilong
  • Fedora Account: liangsuilong
  • Twitter: @liangsuilong
  • Homepage:

Activities within Fedora

  • Translation CVS Commit Group
  • Fedora Bugs Group
  • Fedora Packager CVS Commit Group
  • Fedora CLA Group
  • Signed CLA Group
  • Fedora Ambassador Project (Pending)


Here are packages which I maintained and I owned.

Packages I Own

  • shutter
  • iptux
  • perl-Goo-Canvas
  • perl-Gnome2-Wnck

Packages I Maintained

  • ibus-table-cangjie
  • ibus-table-extraphrase
  • ibus-table-quick
  • ibus-table-translit
  • ibus-table-wubi
  • ibus-table-xinhua
  • ibus-table-yong