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Jon Ciesla

Email: [[MailTo(limburgher AT gmail DOT com)] Facebook Twitter Diaspora

I am a Linux Administrator in Chicago, Illinois. I develop software on the side, and am currently a member of the Games, LiveUpgrade and Package Review SIGs, the Fedora Packaging Committee , and FESCO.

Packages I maintain or co-maintain


Currently awaiting review

Reviews I've completed

Reviews I'm working on

Withdrawn reviews

PDCurses Conflicts with ncurses

Packages I no longer maintain

netpanzer-data EOL 2007-09-06, merged with netpanzer
xmoto-edit EOL 2008-06-10, replaced by inksmoto
vdrift-data EOL 2008-08-13, merged with vdrift
kicad Passed to Alain Portal 2011-04-01, though he'd been doing the heavy lifting for nearly a year.
glunarclock EOL 2011-07-08, doesn't work with GNOME 3
gnotime EOL 2011-07-08, doesn't work with GNOME 3
cernlib EOL 2012-02-03, FTBFS since F15
cernlib-g77 EOL 2012-02-03, FTBFS since F15
pida EOL 2012-02-06, broken deps, bundled code.
TnL EOL 2012-05-10, FTBFS, broken deps, dead upstream.
TnL-data EOL 2012-05-10, see TnL.


I also sponsor Sven Lankes, Randall Berry, Paulo Roma Cavalcanti, David Carter, Scott Dodson, Tom Hughes, Simone Caronni and Aleksandra Bookwar