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Jon Ciesla

Email: [[MailTo(limburgher AT gmail DOT com)] Facebook Twitter Diaspora

I am a Linux Administrator in Chicago, Illinois. I develop software on the side, and am currently a member of the Games, LiveUpgrade and Package Review SIGs, the Fedora Packaging Committee , and FESCO.

Packages I maintain or co-maintain


I also sponsor Sven Lankes, Randall Berry, Paulo Roma Cavalcanti, David Carter, Scott Dodson, Tom Hughes, Simone Caronni, Aleksandra Bookwar and Matt Spaulding.


Currently awaiting review

Reviews I've completed

Reviews I'm working on

Withdrawn reviews

PDCurses Conflicts with ncurses

Packages I no longer maintain

netpanzer-data EOL 2007-09-06, merged with netpanzer
xmoto-edit EOL 2008-06-10, replaced by inksmoto
vdrift-data EOL 2008-08-13, merged with vdrift
kicad Passed to Alain Portal 2011-04-01, though he'd been doing the heavy lifting for nearly a year.
glunarclock EOL 2011-07-08, doesn't work with GNOME 3
gnotime EOL 2011-07-08, doesn't work with GNOME 3
cernlib EOL 2012-02-03, FTBFS since F15
cernlib-g77 EOL 2012-02-03, FTBFS since F15
pida EOL 2012-02-06, broken deps, bundled code.
TnL EOL 2012-05-10, FTBFS, broken deps, dead upstream.
TnL-data EOL 2012-05-10, see TnL.