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Walter Mariano

  • Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, graduated in graphic arts, I worked in graphics as Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Prepress Technician always using proprietary platforms (Windows and Mac).
  • In 2000 I met and started using Linux (Red Hat distribution). A new system is not so attractive for the season due to limited resources provided by the workplace, but it aroused the curiosity and showed strong growth.
  • In 2003 the graphics market has had a strong fall and that's when I began to seek a new field of work. Found in Linux a chance to have a new profession.
  • My basic knowledge of Linux allowed rapid adaptation, directed courses had achieved a new profession.
  • Today I'm Administrator Linux servers and networks, computer instructor focusing on free software and Linux. I use Fedora at home and at work.


My activities

  • I am the founder of the Linux Community Indaiatuba. Community dedicated to Linux and free software, I'm also organizer of Flisol in my town.
  • Check out my community through the link
  • I hope I can work and contribute to the Fedora community more.