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Name: Ahmed Abdo Mohamed

Job Title: Linux Systems Engineer

Location: 15 May City - Helwan - Egypt.


My Vision and What I want to do as an ambassador:

Many people at my region doesn't have a clue about Linux and as a Linux user for more than 5 years I can finally take the approach to explain to them how beautiful Linux is and specially Fedora Project as Red Hat will still be the leader of open source industry and the unity of our community as we are one had to achieve our goal which is to finally have freedom.

More Information about Me: I work for a major webhosting company here in Egypt and I work with Linux RHEL/Fedora/CentOS every day. My specialty is in web hosting field specially web servers benchmark and performance tuning and I work with Apache/Lightty/NginX. Also I've intensive information about control panels like CPanel/Helm/LxAdmin. Also I have in-depth knowledge in virutalization technologies like Xen/KVM/OpenVZ.

My personal Hobbies: I like reading about everything specially Open Source, Running , Swimming and right poetry.

If you want ti know more information about me or you need any help please feel free to contact me.