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Lubomir Rintel (Was: Kundrak)


  • Name: Lubomir Rintel
  • Email: [[MailTo(lkundrak AT v3 DOT sk)]
  • IRC: You can meet me on #fedora-cs with nickname lkundrak
  • GPG key: 0x282537D0 on pks://
  • Fedora Account: lkundrak
  • Web Site:

If you wonder why donesn't my real name correspond with the Fedora account name, I changed it after I got married. Would you resist such name? (Note: -Rintel specifies Intel assembly syntax for FPC)

Activities within Fedora

  • Security Response


  • LubomirKundrak/SecurityUpdateProcessDraft
  • LubomirKundrak/TrackingBugsDraft