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Lubomir Rintel (Was: Kundrak)
Lubomir Rintel (Was: Kundrak)
Personal Information
Birthday: December 3rd 1986
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Home: Brno, Czech Republic
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: lkundrak
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: 0x282537D0
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IRC: {{{irc-nick}}} on Freenode in

Commits to my packages
Feel free to commit bug fixes and enhancements (unless they're somehow controversial) to devel branch any of the packages I maintain. If you are not a "provenpackager," feel free to request commit access in FAS, I'll grant it to anyone from packagers group. (At worst I'll revert your commit; I really can't understand the commit restrictions when we use a VCS.)


Activities within Fedora

  • I work mostly on maintenance of my packages, as well as annoying other maintainers with committing subtle fixes to their packages without asking first.
  • I sponsor packagers.
    • This means that I can grant CVS write access for your account if you want to maintain packages and can prove that you know how to do that.
    • If you are learning how to become a packager and need help or advice, feel free to ask
  • If you intent to comaintain any of packages that I maintain, you're (almost always) welcome. Feel free to drop me a mail!


  • You'll probably see me maintain a lot of Java packages. I have a special interest in getting interesting pieces of Free Software into Fedora; this would have happened a lot earlier if JVM was opened earlier
  • Fedora Astronomy
  • I wish for RHEL+EPEL to be a solid alternative to Ubuntu and SLED as a enterprise-level desktop (...I would not be ashamed to install on non-techie's machine)


  • I work for GoodData ([1]), a Software-as-a-service Business Inteligence provider (SAAS BI)
    • Though our product code is not available, I care about well-doing of our platform, which happens to be built on free software thus contribute to it. Having a state-of-art foundation to stand on makes it so much more fun! :)
    • Our Java bindings are BSD-licensed, we care about it being usable on Fedora out of box
  • Strongly care about EPEL
  • Since recently we're diving into node.js

Note on naming

If you wonder why donesn't my real name correspond with the Fedora account name, I changed it after I got married. Would you resist such name? (Note: -Rintel specifies Intel assembly syntax for FPC)

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