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== Hawaii Desktop packaging for Fedora ==
Hawaii is a Wayland & Weston based desktop environment developed by [ Maui Project].
= Status =
Packages in progress are here:
Review requests for packages that are ready:
* [ qt5-qtwayland] Done
* [ qt5-quickcontrols] Done
* [ hawaii-icon-theme] In progess
* [ qt5-qtaccountsservice] New
* [ qt5-qtconfiguration] New
= Help =
The packaging is in progress and volunteers for package mainteinance are more than welcome!
The same applies for reviews.
If you intend to help, just pick a package and feel free to make it work well and file a review request.
Or pick a review request.
It might be a good idea to let me know at <>
= Dependencies =
[[File:hawaii-deps.png]] ([[]])

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