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  Larry Letelier
= Larry Letelier =
== About me ==
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|[[Image:geek.jpg]]|| '''Larry "geek_cl" Letelier <BR> Chilean Fedora Ambassador <BR> '''Gtalk''': barbudone AT gmail DOT com <BR> '''Homepage''': <BR> || [[Image:fedora.png]]

Fedora Ambassador for Chile.
Fedora Ambassador for Chile.

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Larry Letelier

About me

File:Geek.jpg Larry "geek_cl" Letelier
Chilean Fedora Ambassador
Gtalk: barbudone AT gmail DOT com

Fedora Ambassador for Chile.

   * Location/Ubicación: Santiago, Chile 

About me

I am 26 years old and live in the city of Santiago, Chile . I am a member of the site Fedora project Chile (still down).

I am student of Instituto Profesional Duoc UC (Duoc ), at the moment course Network and Communication Engineering. and am be a very Linux entusiast

- Use GNU/Linux since september, 2002 - GNOME and tty.

. I participate in FLISOL 2006 My Idea is spread free software philosophy around the world(and cosmos). Contact Information

   * Email: [[MailTo(geek AT xofica DOT cl)]
   * IRC: geek_cl on #fedora-es
   * GPG key: 181C59FE
   * Fedora Account: Lletelier
   * Website: