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= Luke Macken =
= Luke Macken =
Email: [[MailTo(lmacken AT SPAMFREE fedoraproject DOT org)]]
Email: lmacken ~ fedoraproject ~ org
Homepage: []
Homepage: []

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Luke Macken

Email: lmacken ~ fedoraproject ~ org


GPG Key: 0x390EBBB9

IRC: lmacken/ #fedora-devel #fedora-admin




Bodhi is a modular web-system that facilitates the process of publishing updates for Fedora. This entails interacting with the Koji buildsystem, Bugzilla, packagedb, and uses mash to compose repositories. It is written in Python and utilizes the TurboGears web framework.

* IRC log and slides of a bodhi presentation given during the VirtualFUDCon 2007


The liveusb-creator is a cross-platform tool for easily installing Fedora to USB keys.


MyFedora is a project focused in increasing the cohesion between our tools by developing a framework for wielding our infrastructure.


I hack on the yum backend of PackageKit.


I've been known to hack on various parts of yum, and have written some plugins for it as well, such as yum-fastestmirror.


I help develop and maintain the TurboGears web framework stack. You can find my slides from the TurboGears session at FUDCon 2008 here.


func is the Fedora Unified Network Controller. I've hacked on some of the guts of this project, various modules, and created a TurboGears-based web prototype, FuncWeb.


sigul is a GPG signing server that is in the works.

Security LiveCD

I created a minimal, openbox-based livecd based on Fedora for use in security auditing, forensics research, and penetration testing.

Fedora Updates System

I wrote the original Fedora Update system which was used to push core package updates for Fedora 4-6.

Fedora Package Collection

I also maintain the following packages for Fedora:

* nethack - A rogue-like single player dungeon exploration game
* python-mechanize - Stateful programmatic web browsing
* python-clientform - Python module for client-side HTML forms
* python-configobj - Config file reading, writing, and validation
* python-simplejson - Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python
* python-irclib - A set of Python modules for IRC support
* python-myghty - A Python-based templating system derived from HTML::Mason
* python-json - A JSON reader and writer for Python
* python-nose - A discovery-based unittest extension for Python
* python-formencode - HTML form validation, generation, and convertion package
* python-sqlobject - SQLObject -Object-Relational Manager, aka database wrapper.
* python-TestGears - Unit testing for Python
* TurboGears - Back-to-front web development in Python
* python-turbocheetah - TurboGears plugin to support use of Cheetah templates
* python-turbojson - Python template plugin that supports json
* python-turbokid - Python template plugin that supports Kid templates
* python-tgfastdata - Automatic user interface generation for TurboGears
* python-TurboMail - Multi-threaded mail queue manager for TurboGears applications
* python-ruledispatch - A generic function package for Python
* python-paste - Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack
* python-paste-deploy - Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers
* python-paste-script - A pluggable command-line frontend
* python-cherrypy - A pythonic, object-oriented web development framework
* python-cherrytemplate - An easy and powerful templating module for Python
* gobby - A free collaborative editor
* net6 - A TCP protocol abstraction for library C++
* obby - A library which provides synced document buffers
* sobby - Standalone obby server
* xprobe2 - An active operating system fingerprinting tool
* naim - An ncurses-based console AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily client
* valknut - Direct Connect client
* dclib - Direct Connect file sharing library
* deskbar-applet - A Gnome applet to allow easy access to various search engines
* python-decoratortools - Use class and function decorators -- even in Python 2.3
* createrepo - Creates a common metadata repository
* python-turboflot -  A TurboGears widget for Flot, a jQuery plotting library