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Lord Drachenblut

Good, Bad, Doesn't matter I'm the guy with the code

President of Indiana F/OSS Society and Lead organizer of Indiana LinuxFest


  • Email: lord dot drachenblut AT gmail dot com
  • IRC: LordDrachenblut #infonomicon, #gambas, #indianalinuxfest, #Fedora-Ambassadors
  • Fedora Account: lorddrachenblut
  • Vanity Site | The Digital Dragons Lair

Activities within Fedora

Just getting started in the Fedora Community I have already been making some great friends. I hope to help spread the freedom of fedora to friends and fiends outside of this community.

FOSS Activities

Organizing Indiana LinuxFest

Upcoming Goals

  • Having a FAD at Indiana LinuxFest
  • Join the Ambassador Program
  • Spread the Freedom of Kilts