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Tommy He -- 黑日白月 -- Zongyuan He

Male, China Born Chinese, Psychology graduate from Shaanxi Normal University, MSc Computing and Management in University of Leeds.

  • Free and Open Source Software advocate:
    • Early Linux adopter in mainland China since 2001;
    • Individual Member of Linux Foundation;
    • Enthusiast to promote not only the software but also the idea behind community;
    • Journalist and writer of popular independent Linux-related blog LinuxTOY
  • Fedora contributor:
    • Loyal Fedora user since FC4;
    • Active tester and bug reporter;
    • Honoured member of Fedora Chinese user group;
    • Current translator of Anaconda installer;
  • Experienced English to Simplified Chinese localizer:
  • Probably not a developer or system administrator:
    • National Certified Network Administrator;
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 System Administration certification;
    • Sun Certified Java Programmer
    • Python and Android platform fresh developer


  • Email
    • tommy.he AT
    • lovenemesis AT
  • IRC
    • lovenemesis in #fedora-zh on
  • MicroBlog
  • XMPP
    • lovenemesis AT
  • Languages
    • English(British, Australian, Canadian), Simplified Chinese (Mandarins)
  • Fedora Account
    • lovenemesis

Recent Activity with Fedora

  1. Preparing for series promotion activities in mainland China.
  2. Preparing to localize The Open Source Way.