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Activity report for Leonardo Vaz

Date City State Activity Role Description
2013-06-01 São Paulo SP Technical FAD SP Organizer Organized the 1st Technical FAD in Sao Paulo. We had some talks about contribution and packaging however our greatest achievement was making contributors spend a entire day discussing initiatives to make Fedora better. We have some reports kindly written by Sergio Duringan, Cláudio Penásio and Germán Racca published here.
2013-06-03 Porto Alegre RS FISL14 Organizer/Ambassador Worked to organize Fedora booth at FISL14, participated in the Fedora Community Event, was co-author in a talk about innovations brought by Fedora to FOSS in the last decade and did the usual Ambassador work talking to visitors. During the conference I met several people which shown interest to contribute in the project. Those interested to contribute with packaging were introduced to Itamar, translators were introduced to Diego and invited all those interested in joining to Ambassadors team to become my mentees.
2013-06-15 São Paulo SP Fedora Project Mentor Started mentorship process to help André Kroetz Berger, Felipe Govoni, Helber Maciel Guerra, Eduardo Lucas Sena and Fernando Cabral da Fonseca to join in Ambassadors Group. Most of them are people we met at our booth in FISL14 or participated in Fedora Community Event there.
2013-06-16 São Paulo SP Fedora Project Organizer/Mentor Started an effort to find new contributors in Brazil, specially in Regions/States where we have few/none. The ideas is finding FOSS conferences in these Regions, send Ambassadors to talk about the project and identify potential contributors.
2013-06-17 São Paulo SP Fedora Project Mentor Started mentoring process to help Jeison Frasson to join in Ambassadors Group. He is a volunteer I met at FISL which lives in west side of São Paulo state, a region where we don't have any contributors.
2013-06-18 São Paulo SP Fedora Project Mentor Started mentoring process to help Cleber Rosa, a colleague from Red Hat to join in Ambassadors Group. He currently lives in Fortaleza, in Ceará state where we don't have contributors.
2013-06-19 São Paulo SP Fedora Project Organizer/Mentor Started a project to create a generic media to be used during several Fedora releases, avoiding the waste of resources. The idea behind it is quite simple: by using a blank DVD with a label printed on it, Ambassadors can burn it and distribute on demand. Wolnei created the artwork following the idea and I created this page to document and discuss it.
2013-06-19 São Paulo SP Fedora Project Organizer/Mentor Created a page to document the Activity report for contributors. The idea is to create a standard for report which can be used to create statistics about contribution in the project, helping people to understand what are the points where we need to focus our efforts and invest more.

Upcoming Events

Event City Role Comments
Fedora Flock Charleston/US Ambassador It will be a great opportunity for meeting people from project, in special other mentors to discuss ideas and exchange experiences about the community.
FUDCon LATAM Cuzco/Peru Speaker/Ambassador This is going to be my first participation in a FUDCon and I am quite excited for it. I also have a couple talks about SELinux and Filesystems to present, however my main goal is meeting other contributors/mentors from Latin America to discuss the efforts necessary to reach countries where we have few contributors and work hard to make the project stronger in this geo.
Latinoware10 Foz do Iguaçu/Brazil Organization/Speaker I still don't have any talk confirmed for this conference, but I'll be there to promote Fedora and other Open Source projects sponsored by Red Hat such as Gluster, oVirt, Openshift Origins etc.