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Lorenzo Villani

I'm a student living in Florence, Italy.

I love doing system administration, programming and web design (to some extent).


  • Email: lvillani AT binaryhelix DOT net
  • IRC: lvillani @ FreeNode (on channels #fedora-devel #fedora-it #fedora-kde #fedora-meeting #kde-cafe #kde-devel #kde-devel-it #kexi #koffice)
  • GPG key: 513BDC5C
  • Fedora Account: arbiter Fedora Account System
  • Alternate Fedora Account: lvillani Fedora Account System (these will be merged one day...)

Activities within Fedora

  • Italian Fedora Ambassador
  • Packaging


Packages I own or co-maintain: pkgdb

Events held

  • Fedora 9 Release Party Florence: link
  • Linux Day 2008 (Pistoia)