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== Package Maintainers ==
== Package Maintainers ==
I am a [ package owner]!
I am a [ package owner]! I'd really like your help with my [^177841%24&emailreporter1=1&field0-1-0=bug_id&^163779%24&query_format=advanced&value0-2-0=^163778%24&value0-1-0=^163776%24&type0-3-0=notregexp&bug_status=NEW&field0-2-0=bug_id&email1=mapleoin&field0-4-0=bug_id&type0-0-0=notsubstring&value0-0-0=fedora-review%2B&type0-2-0=notregexp&component=Package%20Review&product=Fedora new packages] submitted for review.
== Ambassadors ==
== Ambassadors ==

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I'm currently a third/final year student in Bucharest, Romania.

I've been with Linux since 2005 and I am very passionate about opensource and the hacker culture. I'm mainly interested in web development, so in May 2008 I decided to try and help/learn/have fun as part of the fedora project. I'm one of the leaders of a Romanian LUG: and am also a member of the Romanian Fedora Comunity


Fedora Contributions


I've been working on the PackageDB for the Infrastructure team since May 2008.

I was accepted in the Google Summer of Code 2009 program to work on packagedb with Toshio as my mentor. It went great and was awesome!

Package Maintainers

I am a package owner! I'd really like your help with my new packages submitted for review.


I represented Fedora at the 2009 edition of the eLiberatica FLOSS Conference as part of the Romanian Fedora community.

I held a Fedora talk together with Nicu and Adrian at a Firefox 5 years anniversary party in the PUB.


I went to FUDCon Berlin with Nicu it was awesome.