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Mario Blättermann

Mariobl wiki small.jpg

I'm Mario, born in 1970 in Germany. My profession is carpenter, mostly I build formwork for concrete. I spend a considerable part of my free time on Linux. That's a good compensation for my physical work ;)

My first contact with free operating systems was in 1999. Means, I'm one of the older farts in this field. After a lot of years with Mandrake/Mandriva I tried to find the "ideal distribution", but I'm very unsure if it really exists. My dream was a distribution with a rolling release, with less branding patches, with a good quality assurance, with... But there is no distribution which would match all these needs. Fedora is for me the best compromise of all of them.

Some years ago I began with building packages for Mandriva, which were published by the project. Now I've restarted packaging for Fedora, with a better quality assurance and much better tools surrounding the build process.


  • eMail:
  • Google Talk:
  • Jabber:
  • AIM: MarLnx
  • Yahoo Messenger: mario.blaettermann
  • GPG key: 9EA0F881
  • Location: Greußen (Thüringen), Germany
  • Time zone: UTC +01:00 (CET) or UTC +02:00 CEST
  • Languages: German (mother's language), Dutch (good), English (medium)
  • Fedora Account: mariobl

Special Interests

Activities within Fedora

Other activities

I'm co-maintainer of the gLabels project. This is an application for designing and printing stationery products, such as self-adhesive labels and business cards. However, I have no idea how programming languages work, within gLabels I'm working on translations, documentation and picking up new templates.