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(Draft OpenStack Status)
(Draft OpenStack Status)
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== Draft OpenStack Status ==
== Draft OpenStack Status ==
* apevec looking at [ VNC console issue]
* [ EPEL plan for webob and sqlalchemy]
* [ bfilippov] from Grid Dynamics sponsored and wants to help out
* zaitcev [ testing swift]
* 20 more patches proposed to upstream stable branch
* pbrady updated [[OpenStack#OpenStack_in_EPEL]]
* pbrady attempted to have Nova use sqlalchemy 0.5.x by monkey patching in a BigInt implementation
* Lots of [ excellent help] from Toshio
* pbrady identified a [ missing python-tempita Requires: in python-migrate] and Toshio fixed it
* Steve Traylen [ packaged python-webob 1.0 for EPEL6]
* Toshio and Steve [ packaged python-nose1.1 for EPEL6]
* pbrady [ packaged python-sqlalchemy 0.7 for EPEL6]
* apevec [;a=commitdiff;h=191daeea8d updated keystone in rawhide to latest stable branch snapshot]
* Russell [ working on switching to MySQL by default]
* Bob [ packaged Quantum]
* eatmydata is useful for speeding up the running of Nova's unit tests, but [ it's not in Fedora yet]
(Feel free to add your own noteworthy items)
(Feel free to add your own noteworthy items)

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Mark McLoughlin

Mark McLoughlin is a Red Hat developer working on various parts of Fedora's Cloud and Virtualization stacks.

Way back when, he used to hack on GNOME, but that's all long forgotten now.


Draft OpenStack Status

(Feel free to add your own noteworthy items)|