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(Draft OpenStack Status)
(Draft OpenStack Status)
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== Draft OpenStack Status ==
== Draft OpenStack Status ==
* asalkeld is seeing [ glance-api crashing]
* Russell Bryant and William Henry making good progress adding a Qpid RPC driver to Nova
* apevec pushed latest openstack-keystone into EPEL6
* pbrady fixed the docs build in openstack-glance
* pbrady [,1993 started work on libguestfs support in Nova]
* Bob push quantum into F16 updates
* Pete [ continues to test swift]
* Russell [ switched Nova to MySQL by default]
* mdomsch [ proposed an OpenStack hackfest at FUDCon Blacksburg]
* Cole [ posted his notes on getting Horizon working]
* pbrady [ posted his notes on using multiple versions of Python eggs]
* pbrady's [ python-sqlalchemy0.7 for EPEL6] was reviewed and approved by Steve Traylen
* toshio's [ python-nose1.1 for EPEL6] was reviewed and approved by Toshio. Alan Pevec, pbrady and Toshio all tested it to ensure it could get into the buildroots for sqlalchemy
* markmc [ posted a common config options module] upstream
* The OpenvSwitch kernel module [ has been posted upstream]. One step closer to being able to include OVS into Fedora and use it with Quantum
* [ markmc has been added to nova-core]
* Pádraig reports that all the test cases from the test day now pass with EPEL6 packages
(Feel free to add your own noteworthy items)
(Feel free to add your own noteworthy items)

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Mark McLoughlin

Mark McLoughlin is a Red Hat developer working on various parts of Fedora's Cloud and Virtualization stacks.

Way back when, he used to hack on GNOME, but that's all long forgotten now.


Draft OpenStack Status

(Feel free to add your own noteworthy items)|